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About Me

My first website was for a pool company in Venice, FL. I used Microsoft FrontPage (which doesn’t even exist anymore). 

My websites have come a long way. The sites I build today are mostly using the WordPress platform. Although I will occasionally do a website in Shopify for e-commerce.

Fun Facts

Hablamos Español Yes, we speak Spanish. I was born in Havana, Cuba. My family emigrated on a raft back in 1992.

Color Scheme? The color scheme for this website came from one of my husbands favorite T-shirts. It uses vibrant black, purple, and green colors for a gym in Orlando, FL (shout out to The Jungle!).

Since 2005

I designed and developed my first website in 2005. It’s been a growing passion and more enjoyable work ever since.

We Keep it Affordable

Websites should be affordable for small businesses. Our mission is to keep the prices fair always.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Educating you step by step of our process and how we can work together. We don’t want any mystery or questions left unanswered.

We Keep It Simple

Simple is better. You don’t need complicated forms or 3 subpages all talking about the same thing. We can make the website process simple.

Your Business. Our Team.

We Believe In Fair Pricing And Good Work

We want to make sure you get what you need and no fluff or expensive features. Why pay for 6 pages when 5 will do? 

Our mission is to deliver professional websites for small businesses at a fair price. Learn more about our services and how we work.

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