How to Get Started with Email Marketing: The Basics

You can get started with the bare minimums of email marketing following the three steps below.

1. Create an account with an email marketing service provider of your choice.

I love and recommend AWeber. This link will give you a FREE 30 day trial. (Then it’s only $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.) If you decide to sign up with Aweber, after you’ve created your account, you can follow this excellent Getting Started video here:

2. Setup your mailing list and import your contacts.

Once you’ve setup your list, import any existing contacts and email addresses you already have. This way,  you can start marketing to them right away. For those of you using AWeber, there’s another great video and step by step tutorial on how to import your subscribers here:

3. Setup your opt in/sign up box and add it to your website.

The majority of subscribers will probably opt in via your website.  They will visit your website and subscribe if they like your content and what you have to offer. If you signed up for an AWeber account, you can follow this tutorial on how to add an opt in box to your website: They also have a WordPress Plugin and instructions for setup!